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Get to know us

Our story began when we met at The University of the Incarnate Word when Kenedy Navarro (L) decided to join a sorority. Kassandra Rodriguez (R) and her kicked it off from the start, becoming twins and best friends. Kenedy has always been the girl with incredible creativity, with a BA in Communication Arts under her belt and Kassandra's BA in Fashion Management and passion for the fashion world they found a great common ground. Girl Almighty was born the summer of 2018 after Kassandra graduated from college and found herself ready to start an entrepreneurial  journey. She set off and started planning her first collection, Escape to Positano, which was inspired by her summer abroad in Italy. She sought out the expertise of Kenedy, who is a phenomenal graphic designer and web designer to assist in creating the GA logo and website. Being best friends, Kassandra always took Kenedys' opinion to heart which led to making Kenedy Girl Almighty's overall graphic designer and web designer full time. This dynamic mixes Kassandra's sense of style and direction and Kenedy's creativity and eye for detail. Together the two create the perfect team! This bond is evident in the GA brand, our merchandise and our motto to be women who love and empower each other. Because we're all ALMIGHTY. 

xoxo- The Girl Almighty Team 

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