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How we brought the best fashion trends into Fearless!

I hope you all have enjoyed shopping our newest collection named Fearless! I had so much fun buying for this one, I wanted everything to be fun and out there in hopes that it would inspire all of you to step out of your comfort zone with style. I know at times it seems scary to put on that bright green jumpsuit but I wanted to show you that it's only as scary as you make it seem! Girl, you can pull anything off I promise you! Growing up as a plus sized girl, people always told me "wow, you have so much confidence for wearing that" or "wow I wish I could wear that" and when I think up a new collection for Girl Almighty I think back to the girls who would tell me this. They were all beautiful with equally beautiful bodies, but for some reason they were too scared to be wild with their style. At the end of the day Isn't that what fashion is all about? YES! It's the best way to express yourself, so HAVE FUN WITH IT! I promise you that if you love what you're wearing, you will automatically have the confidence to rock it.

Today I'm here to not only talk about my favorite trends for Spring/Summer but also share how we incorporated them into our collections!

1. Bows, Bows, Bows!

I mean what girl doesn't love bows right?! They're adorable and so trendy right now! I completely fell in love with this top when I saw the huge statement bow and the color! Go big or go home am I right? Bright and bold, you'll be!

2. Go topless, wear a bra!

When researching the top trends for Spring I kept seeing this "bra" look coming up and as much as I loved it I know it's not gonna happen lol We wear a bra out and people will judge us hard and there's not doubting that. This is an easy way to live up the bra trend while still being socially acceptable because it does cover up a little. You can wear high waisted bottoms to show less or some low waisted bottoms to really show off the bra look!

3. Collar ID

Statement collars are HUGE right now and so are butterflies, this top is the best of both worlds (Alexa play Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana) The fact that the top is so simple makes the collar stand out even more, and if you wanna tone it down a notch you can even unbutton it so it doesn't stand so bold.

4. The Puff Sleeve

The puff sleeve has been in trend for a while now, and it's definitely not going anywhere. I think its so girly and so cute! Honestly the bigger the better! But it's best to start small and this top does it perfectly. It's not too dramatic and the fact that its mesh makes it very dainty.

5. Florals, duh.

Don't say it, don't say it, DON'T SAY IT!!

Florals for Spring? gRouND bREaKinG! ugh there I said it, you're welcome guys.

This trend pops up every single Spring, for obvious reasons. Florals are cute and my favorite way to wear it is boldly. Something like this outfit is a head turner. It's girly, it's fierce and its FLORAL.

We can go on and on about our favorite Spring trends, but this is it for now! I hope you enjoyed it and found some inspiration to strut the halls of your homes in style (because quarantine lol)

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