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This is just the beginning...

Girl Almighty,

If you’re reading this then that means you have either scrolled all the way through my other

posts or you’re reading it as it goes up. Either way, thank you thank you thank you.

This blog is an extension of my brand, Girl Almighty and I’m so excited to share my favorites, style inspiration, life goals, travel and so much more with you. I will bring you all behind the scenes in the creative processes as my team and I formulate new collections for the store, create videos/photoshoots and spread GA throughout the city of San Antonio, and beyond! Let me introduce myself…My name is Kassandra and I have been involved in the fashion industry since college where I began my blog “Sprinkle of Couture” and YouTube Channel “Kassandra Marie”. I’m a plus size female with a passion for style, and as you can imagine, it’s a little tough expressing yourself through fashion that is primarily focused on straight sizes-being 0-10. I have always been told that I exude a tremendous amount of confidence, and as I take it as a compliment, It is still further from the truth. Everyone struggles in one way or another with their image. For me, I found my beauty within my style. You will most definitely never find me in a plain tee and shorts because it doesn’t accentuate any of my good features. I have learned to style myself for my body while still keeping up with trends and exploring things that are not. Often times, I have found myself stuck in a bubble of plus size styles in stores, never having the same options as everyone else. I told myself that one day I would create a brand where I can offer the same styles in all sizes. That’s where Girl Almighty was birthed. This is a store where any woman can come to find trendy clothing in their size! We believe that fashion shouldn’t discriminate based on the size of your pants. I created this brand and formulated each collection with pieces that accentuate the most beautiful curves in your body. We want you to feel ALMIGHTY in your skin, because girl, you are powerful and with a great outfit, you are unstoppable.

Thank you for supporting! I am so excited for this journey!

-All the love,

Kassandra Rodriguez

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