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Where we love to shop locally!

We love to shop as much as you do and more than that we love to support local girl bosses in our area! Since we are under quarantine, I have found myself bored out of my mind and in the mood to spend some money. Take my wallet away from me because I have done way too much shopping!

For those who don't know, I am originally from the valley, McAllen/Mission area to be exact and I now live and work out of San Antonio so today I'll be sharing my favorite local shops in both of those areas! Let us know what your favorite boutiques are in the comments below.

In no particular order here are my favorite boutiques to shop at..

1. Shop 112 located in McAllen,TX

I love them because they always have the cutest and trendiest styles for reasonable prices. I have been a fan of this shop since they opened years ago, my favorite things they sell are their shoes. They offer great quality with great prices! Check them out!

2. Slay Fashion located in McAllen, TX

Another fave because they offer some badass items! Really unique and so so trendy. Not for every day attire but definitely for those of you who love to show up and show off wherever you go!

3. Curvy by MILLYS located in McAllen, TX

When I found out about Milly's who has two store fronts in downtown McAllen I nearly RAN over there! Firstly, they offer really trendy shoes all for less than $13 at one store and then Milly opened up Milly's Glam which includes Curvy! They offer really trendy plus size clothing, which I know first hand is hard to find so I appreciate that they are doing us curvy girls a huge favor by bringing in a local store we can shop at, besides us of course. ;)

4. Three Bees Boutique Located in San Antonio, TX

This is a recent find for me since watching this season of The Bachelor, I became a fan of Alayah (before you say it, I know, I know but I'm a sucker for drama) and found out she co-owns her own boutique in San Antonio! They offer really sweet clothes for the real girly girl. What I love most is their accessories because I LOVE a good pair of statement earrings!

5. Eye Candy Boutique located in San Antonio, TX

I couldn't even THINK of not including Eye Candy because they offer great styles for curvy women! They sell really flattering styles to fit any and all curves and I admire them for that!

6. CHIC'TIQUE located in San Antonio, TX

Last but not least, this one has been one that I have been obsessing over since they came onto the scene! I wish SO BAD that they offered plus size because I would buy the entire store (or maybe not, cause then I'd be poor) I can just picture myself in one of these fab outfits living my best life in Marfa!

There you have it, my faves! I hope you enjoyed my first official blog, there is way more to come so let us know what you wanna hear from us!

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